Why Hire an Arborist?

I know when I go for a haircut I like that person to not only be educated but also well experienced because as we all know practice makes perfect. Look at your trees in a similar fashion. They too need haircuts and maintenance so letting an educated, experienced individual do the job is where we come in.

certifiedOur Certified Arborist is not only knowledgeable about the needs of your trees but has over 25 years of pruning experience. We have the proper equipment and can provide your trees with the proper care they require. Maintained trees are not only attractive but can add considerable value to your property, poorly pruned or maintained trees can become a significant liability in the long run. Pruning or removing trees, especially larger trees is dangerous work and should only be done by someone trained in this field. We may make it look easy but trust me it’s not!

Your trees are an investment so invest some time and give us a call, as we’d be more than happy to meet with you and your trees for a free estimate.

Value Your Trees

1919070_309866300404_5690041_nLets talk trees, as they happen to be one of our favourite subjects. At times I’m sure we’ve all thought they can be a lot of work especially come fall clean up. They are messy, require maintenance and at times can even be hazardous. So what on earth is all the hype about trees? We’ll let you be the judge…

  1. When in full bloom there is nothing more beautiful than a well-maintained tree to help you relax in your back yard or enhance the look of the front of your house.
  2. They give you the needed privacy we all need and love every once and awhile.
  3. They act as sound barriers for peace and quiet.
  4. They protect us from the wind.
  5. Tree roots stabilize the soil preventing erosion.
  6. They manufacture precious oxygen and purify our air.
  7. They provide food and shelter for our wildlife.
  8. They can actually save you money! Trees planted on the south and west side of your property provide shade and block heat during hot summer months saving on air-conditioning costs and spruce planted on the north side of your home act as a great windbreakers in the winter months which can reduce heating costs.
  9. They increase your property value.
  10. They enhance our communities which research has proven attracts tourists and new businesses to the area.

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